HOUSE OF CARDS goes viral: Clandestine first look at Season 3 during Oscar® Show!

White House's "Keyser Soze" F. Underwood
behind the "Ususal Suspects"
EXKLUSIV! Screenshot deckt auf!

At the Oscar® Show last sunday Netflix gave a first glimpse of HOUSE OF CARDS third season. Just after season 2 was released on February 14, evil politician Frank Underwood is sure to return – leaving Washington D.C. to make mischief in Hollywood.

According to information leaked from showrunner and writer Beau Willimon’s office, machiavellian mastermind Underwood (played byAward-winning actor, director and producer Kevin Spacey) sets out for shenanigans in democrat ruled Tinseltown, secretly grabbing actress Julia Robert’s behind and snatching Brad Pitts wallet from his back pocket during a public ceremony. This creates trouble with his wife Claire (Robin Wright), who initiates a humanitarian project in Southeast Asia featuring Pitt’s famouse spouse Angelina Jolie.

Emmy-winnig HOUSE OF CARDS Season 3 is scheduled to premiere in 2015 while production is on hold until mid-June due to pending Maryland Tax Credit Bills. Using this delay Netflix hijacked mobile phone manufacturer Samsung’s ad stunt at the 86th Academy Awards show, going viral with Frank Underwood’s newest wicked deeds.

G. Greenwald

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